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by Harry Bosma

The Dreams

At October 3rd, three sets of two animals showed up. Elizabeth Lynne dreamt about two dogs. She also dreamt about two pole bars and added a picture of two pole bars to her dream. So the number two was clearly highlighted in her dream. Laura dreamt about two foxes and added a picture of two foxes to her dream. Then Ralf dreamt of two gorillas.

Elizabeth Lynne noticed it first. "Third pair of animals: Laura's two foxes, Ralf's two gorillas and my two dogs - A ripple?"
Harry responded: "Oh, two of the same sounds interesting. Biblical even".
Elizabeth Lynne replied: "There you go, maybe the Group Dream Psi picture is of Noah's Ark".

Only Laura and Ralf may have understood what Elizabeth Lynne meant with that.

Ralf later added a picture of two gorilla's to his dream. These gorilla's played such a key role in his dream, that they were the central image regardless the commonalities with the other dreams.

There were also dreams about flooding, by Doerte, Ralf, Harry and later Laura. However, we had already identified the topic of Noah's Ark without needing that additional information.


Was there something that explained the sudden occurance of this biblical topic? Yes. Elizabeth Lynne and Ralf were going to participate in a precognitive dreaming contest, elsewhere on the world wide web. This contest is an annual event organized by the IASD, which stands for the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

The precognitive dreaming contest uses four pictures, shown to the participants. One of those four will be selected in some random way at a future date. The participants then have to dream which one will be selected one.

When those four possible target pictures where revealed, one of them pictured Noah's Ark, including pairs of all kinds of animals. On Dreamers United, that topic of Noah's Ark had already shown up before it was revealed as one of the possible outcomes for the contest.

So, it looked like the dreamers on Dreamers United had at least precognitively dreamt about one of the four images. That alone is interesting enough.

For participants of the contest, what matters is not dreaming about one of the four, but about the one and only of the four that will be drawn at random at a future date. It turned out that this too was the picture with the ark on it.


Only Elizabeth Lynne and Ralf were in the contest. Laura knew about the contest but was not participating in it. Even before the start of the contest, the three of them had enough information through their dreams to notice a common topic.

Other dreamers on Dreamers United, who didn't even know about the contest, were dreaming about flooding. That's a story in itself, perhaps to be told another time.

Ralf is writing an article about the contest and finding Noah's Ark ahead of time.

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