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Gather The Animals

Do We Need Another Ark?

by Harry Bosma — autumn 2018

The Emerging Theme

As you perhaps know Dreamers United tracks emerging themes in dreams. At October 3rd of 2018 a theme emerged that we quickly named The Ark. The imagery that showed up where two of the same animals and much flooding. There wasn't an actual ark in the dreams, but the association to the ark of Noah was easily made.

Ralf Penderak, one of the key dreamers, has submitted an article to a magazine about this. I'll let you know when that becomes available. Meanwhile I want to hold back with reporting on the finer details, but there's a wider story too.

Where does it come from?

Whenever something ripples through the dreams of people in the same night, the question comes up, what's the significance of it? Where does it come from?

Unbeknowst to some of the dreamers, two of them were participating in an online event for dreamers elsewhere on the internet. Participants of this Group Psi Game were called to dream about the one of four photos that would be picked at random in the near future. These four photos would be shown to participants. Even before these four photos were shown, we had already noticed The Ark at Dreamers United. That later turned out to be the subject of one of the four photos to be shared. A few more days later, this one photo out of the four was picked.

I'll leave the discussion of what precisely happened to Ralf. Here I want to note that the Group Psi Game outside of DU makes for a nicely specific answer to the question why this theme appeared. Oh, and mind you, it showed up for people on DU not even knowing about that event. That however is nothing new.

There are other reasons why the dreaming about The Ark took my attention.

Share a Future Virtual Event

A month before, during late August into early September, I exchanged a few emails with Paul Kalas, the author of The Oneironauts. Paul brought up his idea that a group of dreamers could have a shared experience in the future and dream about it in advance. To quote Paul from one of the emails: "For example, the group could travel to a specific place together in the future, though I believe a future virtual reality experience could also work".

A group sharing a future virtual event? I wondered how to organize such an adventure. DU already has the dreamers. That was the easy part. Only a week after the dreams on the theme of The Ark, did I realize it. We had done what Paul suggested in his email.

Perhaps relevant, the Group Psi Game has been an annual event since 2012. This is however the first time it also showed up on Dreamers United. This is also the first year that Dreamers United has been tracking "ripples".

The Droughts and Floodings of 2018

The year 2018 may have been the year where many of us started wondering about the climate. It has been dry in Europe. Harvests all together were still reasonably good, depending on the crop. In California, a quintessential part of the USA to the rest of the world, drought means fire. The fires have been terrible this year. Paradise went up in flames.

There has been plenty of flooding as well in the world, in for example India, Japan, or Trinidad. Then as a new surprise, Hurricane Florence dropped a flood of rain far beyond the coastal line of the Carolinas of the USA. No longer are only the coastal areas in danger for flooding. Massive rains can create floods anywhere.

Should we get our arks ready?

The individual dreams bringing out The Ark theme were all relatively harmless. There were no fires and the flooding was either very minor or very brief, or both. Yes, the association with The Ark was almost instantaneously. It is a concern.

Intentional Dreaming

Does this change something for the ongoing group dreaming on Dreamers United? The most upsetting dreams tend to still be highly personal in nature, whether they happen incidentally or ripple at the same time with other dreamers.

Also, experience with the Dream Registry, the precursor to Dreamers United, prompted to move away from any suggestion to have dreams about collective future circumstances going wrong. So, for now, the best antidote to counter anything miserable in the world is to do exactly the opposite: explore our connectedness with everybody and everything, adjust to it and have fun with it. There are endless possibilities yet to be explored.

Developing connectedness also means that we want to bring this into the world, making it entirely practical. Dreaming always is practical. So, that's what we'll continue to do.


Ralf Penderak has submitted an article for publication in Dreamtime, the magazine for members of IASD. More information will follow here once available.

The Group Psi Game happens during the annual Psiber Dreaming Conference, organized by IASD. For information about IASD, see

Paul Kalas wrote the book The Oneironauts. From his site about The Oneironauts: Astronomer Paul Kalas shows that his discovery of a large comet belt around the nearby star Fomalhaut using the Hubble Space Telescope was recorded in his dream diary nine years earlier.

The Dream Registry was archived in 2012. It intended to collect dreams that were expected to become true. That tended to bring out the most pessimistic kind of dreams. Dreamers United nowadays focuses on constructive intentions.