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Far Travels with the Dream Spa

Interdimensional Experiences

by Harry Bosma — spring 2019

Enjoy the water

The Dream Spa was to be a more conventional group, using dreams to physically and mentally relax, perhaps to heal. It uses contemporary approaches, although it goes back to the practices of the widely spread sleep temples, in fashion at different times. It can't get more conventional than that. In the usual three weeks, the group ended up going much further than any other group so far. We visited various different dimensions.

The Dream Spa had only three active members, myself included. It completely failed to attract the intended audience. Instead, all three dreamers share that they also teleport with Scotty. That, in a way, is what you think it is, except that recalling teleportations is a magnitude harder than remembering dreams. Some of that recall will show up in dreams, so I also invited Scotty as an observer to the group.

The photo with the very first shared dream, posted by Inge.

Quick start

As with many groups, at the start I simply asked for any dreams coming up spontaneously. These early dreams always give me much information to fine-tune the program.

Dörte titled the first dream she submitted "Mertopia," after the country in the Fairy Tale Dimension. Inge had recently written about it on her blog. From the description of Dörte's dream:

"I made pirouettes in the air enjoying the flight, dived into crystal blue water with all shades of blue. The colors were more brilliant than on earth. My body felt very strong. I made every movement with vigor and elegance. It was wonderful!!!!"

Mertopia - The above picture was found at Pixabay. Dörte instead used a small picture showing a coral beach with many fishes in the sea.

The day after, Harry posted a dream titled "Smooth swimming in the air.”

"I slowly swim through the air, just above the heads of the people. It feels like swimming in water. Exactly the same smooth resistance, making me feel fluid. It feels great."

Both dreams combine flying with water, but in different ways. It looks like Dörte and Harry spontaneously visited the same place, and not a place in our usual world. Knowing that later on we would dream much about another watery place, the question comes up whether this really was Mertopia. I think it was. We visited all kinds of dimensions, even though we focused on a specific one at the end.

Swimming in air
One of the images Harry added to his dream.

Already these very first dreams told me two things. The group was in sync, possibly on topic as well, given the connection to water.


A next remarkable topic appeared soon. With the Dream Spa, the first step consists of relaxation. Somewhat surprising, Inge and Harry both dreamt about someone disintegrating. I'll give brief quotes from the two dreams.

Inge: "Somebody had died, and I inquired where the body was. Oh, somebody said, he is already in the recycler. This was different and got my attention. I looked at a big glass cylinder where the body floated dressed in colorful clothes in clear water. It was starting to disintegrate and it was beautiful."

Harry: "He keeps showing me other parts of his body. His arms, his legs. Everywhere the flesh comes loose, or parts seem to be missing. The more he shows, the more it seems that he no longer is fully enclosed in his body. He doesn't seem concerned."

With Harry's dream there's a slow progression from outside to inside: first the skin goes missing, then flesh comes loose, and finally flesh starts missing. The people are still alive, but unconcerned. They become less physically defined. In Inge's dream, the disintegration happens with a dead person, floating in water. There's also a mention of a recycler, so with both dreams the disintegration seems to simply be a change of state. Both dreams seem to express something similar and also raise the question whether perhaps the difference between the physical and the non-physical could be fluid too. At least, in the place we were visiting in the dreams.

Ripped skin
No skin ...

These first two dreams happened early during the group, so I wondered whether they mostly symbolically pointed to us taking a huge step towards inter-dimensional travel. Other dimensions are different in many ways, so it requires much fluidity to travel there. As long as any place has the same physical laws as our dimension, it's not a different dimension. However, these dreams were not just symbolical, they were mostly literal.

There was also a later dream by Dörte, difficult to succinctly quote, that might be related. Near the end of the group, Inge pointed out that Dörte may have spent time in a part of the Waterfall Dimension, where the physical world becomes less physically dense.

Personal challenges and fears

After a week and a half, I decided to loosen up on the original direction for the group. Instead, I felt that perhaps the group was more interested in exploring different dimensions. That "new" direction was received with much enthusiasm. Perhaps I was simply naming what we really had come together for.

If you have paid attention to dreams for a while, you may have noticed that not all of them are related to events in our daily life. With the three of us also being teleporters, we already knew about a few dimensions. Think of the already mentioned Fairy Tale Dimension and the Waterfall Dimension. What you need to know about different dimensions is that they are indeed very different. The laws of physics are different. The inhabitants are different from us. The rules are different. Everything can be so different, that while we can connect with other dimensions, or even travel there, we cannot easily understand it. Dreams then provide a translation in terms we do understand. That translation can be different from dreamer to dreamer.

Because everything's so different, it takes some getting used to. There were anxiety dreams just before the disintegration dreams. Dörte had a particularly challenging dream where she was chased by people wanting to kill her. Luckily it ends well.

Dörte: "I know they are waiting there. Last time they killed me there. As quick and careful as possible, I pace up the stairs. I am not afraid. I know if you recognize a pattern and change your behavior, you will also change the outcome and be successful. Upstairs I meet a person, and I know I am safe now. I had overcome the challenge!"

That same night Harry escapes a huge flood, but being up on higher terrain, he is a sitting duck for a sniper. The situation remains undecided, although four days later a follow-up dream resolved it.

To all meet in the same place

As a goal for the second week we discussed to have meeting dreams. I always like doing this with any group, especially with beginner's groups. This, however, was not a beginner's group. I found it an excellent group to try out a new idea. We decided to simply assume that we would be successful at meeting. The question then becomes how exactly we appear in each other's dreams, because experience has shown numerous times that we do not always appear as we are in the dreams of others.

I questioned whether or not to include the meeting dreams in this report, but I believe it's relevant. Dream games like this tend to bring dreamers closer together. For the meeting dreams I formulated the following intention:

"We're going to dream about a wonderful and supportive community we live in. To make it easier to meet, there's a center area where people meet, like for example a public square. That is where we will find each other."

Inge was immediately extraordinarily good at it, as usual. She met everyone several times by "tapping into" it, a kind of dreaming while awake:

"We met at the village center. It was a dirt square surrounded by big trees with light green leaves. We arrive from different directions. Harry is small and his gait looks quite different. Ah, he is a monkey again. When he arrives in the square he climbs a tree and hangs upside down by his tail. [..] Dörte looks like a walking painting. The painting she was working on is finished, and she is it. Imagine a round painting in 3D. It makes her big. The closest I can get to describe her, is the Super-Nanas by Niki de Saint Phalle. [..] Dörte is very colorful. And ... She walks very slowly because she balances a glass full of water in her hand."

Dörte had a wonderful time in Rome:

"I remember walking through the streets of Rome, sightseeing. It is a warm summer night, not many people around. I appreciate the magical ancient atmosphere, the columns, the ruins, fountains, squares. The sky is starry ... I enjoy it very much."

The location of Rome was later reinforced by a daytime sync Dörte had. A picture of Rome appeared at random on her computer, shortly after she posted her dream.

Le Nanas
In Inge's dream, Dörte looked like a walking painting, making her bigger. Closest existing image that came to mind is the Super Nanas by Niki de Saint Phalle.

Harry's dreamt about "Fast Transformations," playing in a world where the sea forms high towering massive shapes, while rapidly reshaping in spectacular ways. It made tsunamis look like a gentle surf. There was another dream about meeting friends in a large patio surrounded by some twenty rooms. There was also a strong daytime sync with Dörte on the topic of skincare.

Did we all meet? It's not clearly confirmed by Dörte's and Harry's dreams. We did all manage to end up in centers. Be it that these centers were in very different locations. From small to large: Harry was in a patio of a house for very many people; Inge in a village center; Dörte in the city famous for all roads leading to it. Perhaps the intention could have been a little more precise about the type of center.

Simultaneously, on another layer so to say, we also went to very different places. Inge had associations to the Fairy Tale Dimension. Dörte and her "all roads lead to Rome," reminded us of how the Waterfall Dimension connects to many other dimensions. Scotty pointed out that Harry's "Fast Transformations" did not play out on planet Earth, but most likely still somewhere in our own dimension.

By now, I think, it's starting to look like we're not necessarily interested in meeting. We want to pool intentions to perform similar actions at about the same time.

Closer contact with other dimensions

The second week showed a diversity of topics including travel, personal transformation, and dreams about group dreaming itself. All very fitting. There was also a developing theme of ease and increased ease. At least a part of the theme of ease came from the Dream Spa's original program, but it kept showing up in surprising ways in the third week. I suspect that what happened during the second week, had to do with doing inner groundwork towards exploring other dimensions. I'm not going to share the details of this here, but instead remain close to the exploration of other dimensions.

Possibly related to explorations of dimensions, was the image of pillars. First Harry dreamt about "two tall pillars. One in red, and at some distance, another one in blue. They were just standing there, supporting the sky."

A week later, Inge would dream about similar shapes:

"A house or a farm with two big round silo shaped white forms. Silos are used to store feed for animals. They could also be 2 giant white lipsticks."

Later on with the Dream Spa, Dörte saw the pillars in a meditation and wondered whether they were gates to another dimension. These shapes turned up again during the successor group the Waterfall Dimension, adding to the mystery.

Already at the start of the second week, Inge dreamt about constructing something futuristic, either a building or a spacecraft. That dream was an early one on a new theme of constructions, physics and other technical topics. If it seems as if this report is jumping a bit back and forward, it is because the dreaming itself is not always strictly chronological.

What is this
'There were many people constructing something big futuristic. Perhaps a building, perhaps a spacecraft.' - Inge


At the start of the third week, all three of us connected to different dimensions. This time as a result of the group's intention to do so.

Inge: "I picture myself looking at Dörte's pic. I sit in front of it and it swirls and opens up. There is the connection to another dimension. This was so easy that I can hardly get it."

Dörte did so much, especially during meditation, that it's impossible to summarize in a few lines. Among others she created a triangle, with one point associated with an entrance to the realm of Icelandic Elves, another to Harry's two pillars, and the third to Dörte's own personal symbol.

Harry watched a movie (Avengers - Infinity War) in the theater and felt transported to all kinds of dimensions, simultaneously while watching the movie. It was mostly an ongoing wave of feeling, hard to translate in words or images.

Scotty immediately commented that we might have done something in the Waterfall Dimension. Dörte would later confirm that we met the main, let's say, operator of the Waterfall Dimension.

Zooming in

There are other indications that the group dreamt together, or perhaps went on adventures together, that are recalled through dreams. One such example comes from a sync between Inge and Dörte's dreams, when they both dreamt about rooms or areas, each having their own bathroom.

Additional information came through with Harry's dream, when he sat in an advanced physics class. The main message was that an important equation has only a few variables. It is a simple one. The teacher in the class repeated that message. While some of the language used in the dream could be easily remembered, it still lacks context. Inge the next night received a demonstration of how almost nothing inside a box powers a huge machine.

That same night Harry dreamt about spaceships and also about traveling on board of an entirely closed craft. He met the captain of the craft, who looked rather alien. See the picture below for an impression.

Photoshopped by Harry. Inside the ship. Imagine this without the windows and the ship's captain being quite tall.

The next night Inge dreamt of helping somebody with engine problems. She paid good attention during the lesson the night before!

Meeting the overseer

Although Scotty said it before, it took a while for us to fully catch up to it. Dörte was the first one.

Dörte: "I set the goal to visit the Waterfall Dimension. I succeeded! I remember streaming water and misty iridescent air. I remember other beings like energy gestalts. I remember a huge ring of energy being which was interwoven with its surroundings. We communicated telepathically via feelings. The atmosphere was comfortable and I felt very much at home. [..] "Yesterday I was pondering upon the painting on display. [..] I have the feeling that I ended up connecting with the waterfall being. You don't see it in the reproduction but the first layer of the painting is a waterfall behind the being."

Looking back a few days, Dörte pointed out that one of Harry's earlier dreams also suggested meeting the same being, but that he felt threatened by it. I believe Dörte was right. In fact, we're all quite certain that all of us met this being. We just could not visually translate it.


Chances are that we all travel anywhere and everywhere during the night. To do so intentionally, with a group, to a place where everything's different, that's an entirely different matter. The place we went to, has for example a less physical quality, as demonstrated by the disintegration dreams. Somewhat surprising, this was not experienced as threatening. On top of that, we met - what we assume to be - the central being of the Waterfall Dimension. Scotty named it, before it actually became clearer in our own experiences.

It wasn't entirely easy to do so. This report leaves out how many of the dreams showed how we dealt with fears and how we made all kinds of adjustments. I don't think that these specifics are too interesting, especially as we dealt with all that very well, without having to work on it while awake.

Somewhat mysterious still, is the focus on technical details, as shown by Harry's physics class and Inge's amazing engines. It's as if we're reaching to try to understand something essential about this different dimension.


As I'm writing this report, it's almost a year later. It's now easier to see that the adventures started immediately at the beginning. The second week seemed to prepare for the third week, when the adventures became more intentional and focused. The watery associations with a spa, coincidentally, were an excellent fit for the group. It often felt like being in a spa; just not the type of spa we know from our own world.

Speaking for myself, I underestimated what we were doing. It was an intense group and at times (very) tiring. It was only with the help of the others, their comments and pruning of the material, that it sunk in with me what we accomplished. On my own, I would have underestimated it much. Because Inge and Dörte provided additional dreams and meditations and insights, we could fit together much of what we did at the time already.

The Dream Spa also felt extraordinary tight. Groups can become more than the sum of the individual members. I've seen that with other dream groups. The members of the Dream Spa seemed however quite capable of exploring unknown territories, each using different approaches and angles, usually at the same time or close enough in time to be able to see the correspondences.

Doing it as a group helped a lot here. I'm sure we already could do it separately, but the consensus was that together we could do far much more.

Dörte added the above picture with one of the last posts to the group, wishing for more blending of different dimensions. As do we all.

Notes and resources

The Dream Spa played for three weeks in June 2018. The dreamers posted a total of 56 dreams, averaging just over 6 dreams a week per dreamer.

Many dreams come posted with pictures. They tend to be small, but I can usually find larger versions, that I used here. If a larger version can not be found, I look for a replacement on sites like Pixabay. For Dörte's Mertopia dream I used an entirely different picture, that seemed to fit wonderfully well.

Inge has a blog called "The Fairy Tale Dimension", where she writes about fairy tales and related dimensions. The following articles could be read together with this article on the Dream Spa group:

That last article explains the gate Dörte linked to her triangle.

Scotty's plans teleportation trips on his Facebook page. You'll find trip reports too: