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Why dreaming comes with a circus tent and butterflies - First Post!

by Harry Bosma — version spring 2019

The Next Frontier

At Dreamers United we explore the possibilities of dreaming. Long story short, we often start with meeting in the dream. We gradually seem to get better at it. At times it even works surprisingly well. Far more interesting, we're discovering ways to bring out new experiences while dreaming together, without necessarily meeting at all. There are also other interesting topics, like the nature of time, think for example of dreams that come true. There's so much going on that it's almost too much for the relatively smal groups that come together on Dreamers United. The news want to get out! This new blog will tell more about everything we discover at Dreamers United.

The Circus and the Butterfly

As a very first introduction to Dreamers United I'd like to tell a little bit about the circus and the butterfly. These images often show up on the platform. When you think of sleep and dreams, you probably won't immediately think of a circus. Yet, a circus brings excitement and entertainment, often focusing on certain possibilities outside the realm of our daily life. That fits the mood of Dreamers United. Only, instead of being part of the audience, everyone can participate too. The events tend to bring out much spontaneous adventures and it's often hard to predict what exactly will happen.

The circus tent also suggests something hidden from sight. There's certainly a tension between wanting to share what we do and the personal nature of dreams. If you're familiar with the perfect facades people put up on social media, then realize that people on Dreamers United have no facade at all.

The butterfly has flown over from previous dream projects,. It stands of course for transformation. Working with dreams can often bring out change. What we do in groups often goes far beyond that. The dream games we play can bring such novel experiences that experiencing them takes constant adjustment. Day to day, little may change, but over time, you're going to have a much larger and possibly very different awareness of who you are.

Some day the image of the circus could be replaced by something more expansive, but the butterfly will stay at Dreamers United for a long time to come.

How to contact

Perhaps I'll offer a quick biography of myself in another post. My name is Harry Bosma and you can find me on Facebook. If you have my address you can email me. Alternatively, a good way to connect is to sign up for an account at Dreamers United. I email everyone who clicks the confirmation link. I hope you enjoyed this brief first post and I'm looking forward to telling more.