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Dream With Us!

What you can expect at Dreamers United

by Harry Bosma — version autumn 2018

It's About Dreams

Dreamers United revolves around dreams. It works best if you have your own dreams, because much of the fun comes from sharing discoveries with others. Additionally, it's also possibly to log your dreams on Dreamers United without sharing them.

It's About Exploration

Dreams are a huge reality on their own. To name some possibilities, we can connect with others, travel to the past and future, experience other lifetimes, or meet up with the dead. All the big questions of life can be answered by paying attention to our dreams. Then there's "lucid" dreaming and "astral" traveling as well, to bring daytime awareness along to the experience.

It's About You

You're much more than you thought you were. Dreams show that. Perhaps you're tempted to think that it's not entirely real. However, through dreaming with others, you're going to become more comfortable with what's possible.

At Dreamers United we can in very practical terms see how our lifes are related, how we inspire and empower each other while dreaming, or how sometimes someone will dream up a solution for someone else's problem. In the end, it's the shared exploration that promises us many new possibilities, that soon will change how we live during the day as well.

What Makes Dreamers United Different

In two words: Group Dreaming.

We dream together all the time, but unless it's systematically documented, it's easy to overlook how much it happens. Dreamers United runs on an especially developed platform to document all kinds of group dreaming. It's easy to use and turns dreaming from a personal experience into also an exciting social adventure.

How To Participate

The regulars on Dreamers United often check in to see what others are dreaming, looking for synchronicities or other interesting shared themes. If you're already regularly logging your dreams and interested in dreams as a reality on their own, you can join in right away. It might still help if you already have a connection with one of the regulars.

Also, nearly every month you can join an organized group, typically running for three weeks. Such groups help for remembering more dreams and always generate a lot of excitement. As part of the group, you'll also get to know others, and you get to learn how to navigate Dreamers United.

What Next

Perhaps simply check it out yourself?